Vote for Johnny Ybarra for City Council District 5

My Name is Roberto Melendez. Most of you know me as “Bobby.” 

Hello Maple Area Residents I grew up in the Maple Area Community and went to Maple School. I’ve been blessed in helping organize Maple Area residents with projects or issues confronting our community. Since the mid-70s, we’ve come together in an organized effort by working together to secure victories.

These community victories were possible only through Maple Area residents getting involved!

Involved in time, strategy sessions & meetings with the city, school district or our own community regarding various issues or projects such as the Maple Alumni Committee for many years raising over $120,000 for Maple School. Others issues were replacing graffiti with multiple murals on the Lemon Park Bridge in 1989 to the re-opening of Maple School in 1996 and fighting the unpopular 2004 City Council Mandatory Code Enforcement in the Maple Area to defeating one developer’s attempt in 2016 to build 53 apartments on East Valencia Dr. which would have worsened congested traffic out of Valencia Dr. and increased street parking on nearby streets.

Johnny Ybarra has been involved in the Maple Area!! Both financially & through participation. His involvement includes:

> Financial donations to Maple School

> Helped start a Boy Scout Troop

>Subcommittee of Maple Area residents meeting with City staff to combat mandatory code enforcement & improve neighborhood streets.

>Committee of Maple Area residents fighting developer’s attempt to build 53 Apartments on East Valencia Dr.

Many of you already know Johnny. He is a successful resident businessman and a Real Estate Broker in the Maple Area for 34 years.

I endorse Johnny Ybarra. I encourage all Maple Area voters to get involved & vote Nov. 6 !!

Vote for Johnny Ybarra for City Council District 5.

I believe Johnny can keep an “eye out” for a better of Maple Area community while ensuring a strong District 5 and an overall financially healthy Fullerton.


Lou Correa

US Congressman, 46th District

Jan Flory

Former Mayor

Chris Norby

Former Mayor

Roy L. Wolfe, Ph.D

Owner, Wolfe Water Consulting, LLC

Former Senior Executive of Metropolitan Water District of Southern California. 

Shawn Nelson

Former Mayor

Orange County Supervisor, 4th District

Adan Ortega

Past President of Audubon Society

Expert on Water Quality

Patrick Hartnett 

President of Harnett Law Group

Cecilia Carredo

Sylvia Haddix

Dolores Delgado

Joe Ramirez

Laruo Ramirez

Krystal Ramirez

Jonathan Cuevas

Valerie Cuevas

Blanca Carredo

Theresa Luna

Jose Villagraza

Sean Morrissey

Eleni Martinez

Rosemary Martinez

Josefina Ruiz

Denise Ruiz Carroll

Laura Zavala Andrews